Sunday, March 9, 2008

Generating Income | From Articles

Writing good unique contenton the subject that relates to your website provides the fastest way to promote your website or affiliate landing page and create income. By writing good clear precise English on your websites subject.

While writing your document it would be important to consider the keyword density, try to aim to get a keyword density of around 4 - 6% this will enhance the chances of your article producing good SEO. Producing an article with good SEO characteristics will be more attractive to those who download it and distribute it.

Some article websites allow you to post links within the content itself however most do not if you can you can generate good anchor text links to your site. Your article need to have the following key elements within it to secure a good download results and therefore more exposure to your website.

Your content should contain relevant information on your product or service as a minimum. Your article should contain the keywords that are used in your websites Meta tags as this clearly makes a stronger more valuable link to your site. Making your article title to include as many key words as possible and still be readable is also important.

Think about the market that you are entering as you have to put keywords in for the people searching for unique qulaity information make sure that your article is submitted to the right category as well as this makes sure that your article is not rejected on the grounds of being submitted wrongly.

Make sure you understand the contnet providers sites terms and conditions in regards to submission as you want to take the maximum advantage of submitting by adding as many links as possible to your site or affiliate site landing page.

To get the best possible promotion from your article you need to think about the sites that you are submitting to. The article sites need to have a good Google PR value even though some sites have the no-follow string so the link strength is not as good. By having your article submitted to good Google PR sites will lift your sites ranking by giving it a good strong back link.

You must use your resource box carefully by making sure you good anchor text type links to your site, the anchor text should match your keywords and also try to use different anchor text for different content providers sites that you submit to. By using different anchor text links in your resource box you are making sure that you have not got duplicate content.

Article writing should present clear advantages to the reader and make them want to enquire about more of your product or service that you are promoting. You should also log in to the sites from time to time to view your article stats and see how many downloads or requests your contnet has and how many click through that your work has produced. By carefully monitoring this you can tune your work and your website submissions to maximize you income generated. Make sure that your articles are only getting submitted to the content provider sites that are getting sufficient traffic to produce good requests.

Always review what subjects are popular and see if you can write something on a similar subject to attract more downloads. This way you can pick up on recent trends to help you generate more income to your website or affiliate.

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